Blackstyle of Germany – Latex Catsuit

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Mmmm rubber – how I love thee!!

My love affair actually started about five years ago – before that it was just a crush… I loved black and shiny but had no idea how much better the latex looked and felt compared to the PVC that I had been wearing for many years.

I was at a fetish event dressed in my favourite uniform when I walked in the club. He was standing by the bar dressed head to toe in a latex catsuit. It was shiny and black and fit him like a second skin. We did get the chance to chat for a bit and the urge to touch his well muscled body was almost overwhelming! He had me hooked!

The look, the feel of it either next to your own skin or being able to touch it on someone else… The smell is intoxicating! Those of you who love your leather – its the same experience for rubber. I have worn leather out to many events though and it is not as intimate or erotic as rubber. People are drawn to the stuff and want to touch it – to get that tactile sensation of what it feels like. I had to get used to being touched and caressed by complete strangers! Now it is second nature.

Ahhh but I digress…

Over the past few years that I have been playing and going out in rubber I have learned the difference in thickness and quality that designers offer for sale. I’ve learned to look at the seam quality as there is nothing more heart breaking than having your favourite outfit torn beyond repair!

Blackstyle of Germany screams quality! The wonderful folks at Blackstyle popped one of their classic catsuits in the post for me to review.

Every Rubberist, whether male or female should have one of these in their rubber closet. It goes with everything. Add socks, gloves and a hood and you have total enclosure. Sexy boots and a waist cincher and you have clubwear. One of the most versatile pieces you will ever own.

Blackstyle offers many styles and colors for their catsuits. They are .35mm. The quality of latex is absolutely beautiful – it takes very little shine to make the latex gleam! The inside of the latex is etched to make it easier to get the outfits off and on. The three way zipper goes from crotch to the back of the neck to offer easy access at play time. The seams throughout the catsuit are perfect – no wrinkles or bubbles. The edges are all rolled and finished.

For you ladies that are well-endowed such as myself, I am happy to say that there are darts to accommodate your larger chests!

Lets just say it looks hot! My playmate was speechless.

So all you Rubberists – go and give Blackstyle a look. They are nice folks to work with and their shipping is super fast!


MEO – Double Electro Pinwheel

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I love it when a package from MEO arrives on my doorstep. The tags read “Are you hardcore enough?” I think so!!

A smile quickly came to my lips when I opened the carrying case and saw this inside! The Double Electro Pinwheel.

This is fun WITHOUT the electricity attached to it. Not one Whartenberg wheel – but two! The pins on the wheels are nice and sharp to get maximum sensation. When you do hook the wheels up to electricty each point lets off a tiny shock that feels like a lightning bolt from each tip.

A little imagination can go a long way with the pinwheels… There are a lot of very sensitive areas on the body where they can be used. Surprise your blindfolded bottom by running these up and down an arm, a leg, their back, etc. CBT is much more lovely with the assistance of the pinwheel!

MEO carries a lot of lovely powerboxes and accesories if electrosex is what you want to do today! Are YOU hardcore enough?

California Exotic Novelties – White Stork

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California Exotic Novelties – the folks that supply Adam and Eve boutiques with all kinds of exotic toys, bring you the White Stork.

All my friend could utter when he took it out of the box was “wow – it looks like some kind of alien lightsaber or something!”

For the “princess” – this vibrator is a beauty to behold. With the combination of the clear and purple colors it is feminine and quite pretty. It slices, it dices, it does your drycleaning!

The White Stork features Magical tiered fluttering stork with 8 speeds of vibration and 3 functions and 3 rows of non-jamming, reversible, rotating pleasure beads. So the beads turn in two different directions, the end of the shaft moves back and forth and you have a bullet to stimulate the clitoris.

The clear part of this wand is made of soft clear silicone gel; so water-based lube only!

My tester’s only peeve with this one was that you have to be “relaxed” or the motors on the wand slow right down… Other than that she thoroughly enjoyed exploring all of the settings and functions.

This would be a very easy machine to insert in your submissive and leave her squirming for a long, long time!

Sinvention Sunday – Quiet Please!

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Saturday was a lovely evening of wining and dining… Mistress conveniently forgot that red wine means a headache the next morning!

Quiet in the house please!

The Mother of Sinvention has just the item to make it a relaxing Sunday!

From our lovely lady we have two versions of quiet time in the dungeon; the ball gag and the penis gag.

Made with food grade, safe, non-toxic Canadian balls!! Two ball sizes are available 2″ and 1 5/8″. The balls are available in red, purple and black. Thick bridle leather is used to make the strap and of course comes with a locking hasp. The garment leather that holds each ball in place has snaps so that it can be undone to keep the ball sparkling clean and shiny. This silence is music to my ears!

If you are having particular difficulty with your pet being noisy this little number may do the trick… The penis comes in red, black or purple and again is made of safe, non-toxic, food grade silicone. It is 2 1/2 inches long and 5″ in circumference. The strap is made of quality bridle leather with the Sinvention trademark locking hasp. The penis is riveted into the gag – but I assure you it is easy enough to clean off the drool!

I am going to enjoy my peacefully quiet Sunday morning thanks to my Canadian friend at Church of Sinvention.

Cold Steel – Sjambok

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Occaisionaly I get a REAL mean streak in me – especially when one of my precious charges is being particularly naughty!

Cold Steel has a very nasty whip-like solution called a ‘Sjambok’.

In Africa, the Sjambok (Sham-Bawk) is a cattle prod, a whip, a riding crop and a means of self-protection. Unlike most western style whips, the Sjambok is not plaited from thin leather thongs. Instead, it is carved whole out of very thick Hippopotamus hide. Its considerable reach, lightning speed and devastating impact have built it quite a reputation as a sure defense against deadly snakes. Since the Sjambok is swung like a rod or stick and not cracked like a conventional western style whip, the weight, speed and flexibility of the Sjambok’s lash does all the work and little skill is required to wield it effectively.

Today Hippo hide is pretty scarce and not commercially viable, so Cold Steel has produced a synthetic version of the classic Sjambok. Featuring a thick, beefy lash, injection molded from polypropylene and equipped with a soft comfortable Kraton handle designed to resemble braided leather, their synthetic Sjambok rivals the look and performance of even the most expensive originals.

This little meany comes in 42 and 54 inch lengths. As you can see from the photo it IS flexible. It is like weilding a stiff leather cane. It feels and marks like a cross between a whip and a cane. It will leave behind cane-like welts and will mark through clothing. It does not take much strength or force to weild a Sjambok – so do use common sense and caution!

If you are into knife play you need to go and visit the Cold Steel website. They also have a selection of DVD’s available for self defense techniques with many of the specialized products that they sell.

Sylvie Monthule Olisbos Femme Corset – Art for your bedside

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Sylvie Monthule brings femininity back to the dildo design.

Sylvie’s erotic art is absolutely beautiful and she incorporates these drawings onto the shaft of her equally beautiful dildos.

Each one of her creations is made of a hypoallergenic resin compound that is hand washable. Each model is available in red, black and ivory.

The engravings show up most beautifully on the ivory versions.

There are currently six different engravings available and three different shapes. The version above is the “double” for use solo or to share. It is 17.5cm in length. It is presented in a soft leather sheath for privacy and storage.

The shape of the double is pleasant to the hand and to the pleasure zones it is meant for! The engraving provides the “ridged” sensation for extra pleasure.

Sylvie Monthule also makes a line of non-piercing intimate jewelry to decorate those most private gems! There are versions for both men and women – some penetrating, some not.

So brush up on your French and go and give Sylvie’s website a good browse!

Slick Chic – Sewn Latex Clothing

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The English might not be that great – but the latex sure is! Slick Chic of Germany makes high grade SEWN latex fashion.

Slick Chic has been producing fashions for the past 20 years. The latex material is a German product and is exclusively manufactured for Slick Chic The material is 0.7mm and glides on WITHOUT powder or lube! Care instructions on the website state that the clothing is machine washable in warm water. (Gentle cycle)

Slick Chic sent us their military shirt for review.

It is actually hard to describe the texture of this product – the samples that they sent along look like any other latex product – but when you have a piece of clothing in your hands it is distinctly different! Both sides of the latex are silky. The shiny side is evident and can be polished like any other latex but the inside is also silky and doesn’t grab skin – no lube or powder needed to slide into it!

The clothing they make is perfect for the rubberist who would like to have the latex for everyday wear. Shine it up for going out to a fetish event – or leave it dull for just going out shopping.

The seams on the clothing are phenomenal! High quality and very carefully stitched.

For the heavy rubber bondage enthusiasts – Slick Chic can take care of your needs in that department as well. They also produce restraints, body bags, etc.

The website is mostly in German – if you need any assistance navigating – the staff is more than willing to help you out if you just fire off an email to them.

So even if you are a die-hard, skin tight rubberist – give Slick Chic a look – you just might like them!